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welcome to Smartelcom communication.

about smartelcom
About Smartelcom
Smartelcom was founded in British Columbia, Canada. Inspired to be great, we are proud to have grown with our business for the last decade!
To Smartelcom, a decade means a vast amount of expertise gained through determination and involvement in the astonishing IT world.
By serving customers through outstanding service and highest possible value, Smartelcom became one of the most successful VoIP whole-sellers in its division.
Smartelcom is interconnected to some major telecom providers such as Verizon, MCI, AT&T, KPN and many Tier1 companies as well as numerous well-established domestic providers globally resulting millions of minutes of VoIP traffic being exchanged monthly.
In addition, our company offers hardware and software solutions for those who wish to start a VoIP business using top grade technology devices and solutions.
We consider ours partners as our only true assets and therefore we continuously try to serve them to perfection by our professional staff in all departments.
Traditionally, Smartelcom welcomes new ideas and appreciates the power of innovation and creativity. We also make our best efforts to stay up-to-date and use the latest technology.
Recognizing the value of good partnerships, Smartelcom is tirelessly looking to interconnect to new companies to explore opportunities to start a mutually productive trade.
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Free BSD

3 Hong Kong refarms 900MHz and plans TDD-LTE launch
3 Hong Kong has refarmed the 900MHz spectrum at the end of June to enhance its indoor 4G LTE network coverage and also plans to launch TDD-LTE services this October.

NFV will top $15bn by 2020
The global network NFV market is predicted to be worth $15.5 billion by 2020 according to IHS Markit.

Tiscali signs wholesale partnership to access EOF fibre network
Italian ISP Tiscali has signed a broadband partnership with Enel Open Fiber (EOF) for access to its fibre-optic connections on its fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network.

FCC to restart review of Verizon’s $1.8bn deal to buy XO Comms
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will restart its 180-day review of Verizon’s acquisition of XO Communications as a result of information requests from both firms not being submitted by July 7

Verizon in global launch of virtual services
Service launch covering 53 countries, and 67 by end of year, while Verizon talks to carriers about wholesale deals

CenturyLink activates two 100G waves on AEConnect subsea cable
Aqua Comms has announced that CenturyLink has activated two 100G waves of high capacity connectivity on its transatlantic AEConnect subsea cable system.

Orange Poland and Nokia set 1.5Tbps capacity-distance record
Orange Poland and Nokia have announced a new capacity-distance record with 1.5Tbps superchannel transmitted over 870km between Warsaw and Wroclaw.

Digicel ready to compete as Guyana ends GTT monopoly
Guyana government passes new law to end monopoly of fixed network services

Ooredoo launches new Asia-Africa-Europe subsea cable
A new Asia-Africa-Europe subsea cable system has been laid by Ooredoo, linking the internet hubs of the three continents to Qatar.

Equinix and Telehouse internet outages hit London
Equinix has accepted responsibility for an outage that cut BT customers’ internet access while Telehouse Docklands had its own disaster

Deutsche Telekom and Inmarsat ready for aviation satellite launch
European Aviation Network reaches next stage with completion of satellite that will deliver broadband to air passengers

Orange and AT&T set up virtualisation partnership
Leading operators to align strategy on virtualisation and software-defined networking with open-source policy

Vodafone UK goes live with Cisco’s SON technology
Vodafone UK has announced that it has become the first mobile company in the UK to go live with Cisco’s self-optimising network (SON) technology to boost voice quality and reduce network congestion.

US telecom carriers call for FCC broadband report review
Six US telecom carriers are calling for a peer review of the latest business broadband report by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

London Internet Exchange cuts port fees by 40%
The London Internet Exchange (LINX) has reduced the cost of peering in London for the second time in seven months, cutting 40% off its LON2 port fees and 10% on its LON1 network, effective August 1, 2016.

EU green lights Deutsche Telekom vectoring plans
Deutsche Telekom's plan to use vectoring to connect homes and offices to its network has won EU approval.

EU’s top lawyer backs telcos in dispute about personal data retention
European Union’s advocate general says governments should require data retention only when fighting serious crime

TPT Global Tech buys Goodwin Global Communications
TPT Global Tech has purchased the assets of Goodwin Global Communications.

O3b supports Digicel Samoa LTE launch
O3b Networks is supporting Digicel Samoa’s LTE services rollout by providing core connectivity services via its satellite-enabled network.

Exclusive: VimpelCom launches LTE 450MHz in Armenia
Capacity has exclusively learnt that VimpelCom has partnered with Huawei in successfully rolling out an LTE service on the 450MHz spectrum in Armenia.


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